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Variety reports that DEADHEADS has scored U.S. distribution!

Devin will be in attendance in London for the UK premiere of DEADHEADS at Fright Fest 2011! Get tickets while you still can.

DEADHEADS received the "Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking" at the Newport Beach Film Festival and the "Founders Prize for Best Horror Film" at the Traverse City Film Festival. The Albuquerque Film Festival is next! More big festival news coming soon!

DEADHEADS will premiere in London at Fright Fest!

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Wow! A lot has happened in the last few weeks! DEADHEADS was the only film to sell out 2 showings and receive a 3rd at Newport Beach. It has recieved a lot of rave reviews and there is buzz abound regarding distribution deals, the original trailer has reached 150,000+ views on YouTube and the new trailer features more of Devin's music!

DEADHEADS, the Zombie/Comedy/Epic Devin composed the score for, will premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Friday April 29th, 2011! Buy tickets here.


DEADHEADS | imdb | website

Directed By: Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce

Produced By: Andy Drummond, Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce, Kevin Van Hagen

Starring: Michael McKiddy, Ross Kidder and Markus Taylor

Introduction Heroic, Adventurous
In The Woods Spooky, Quirky
Campfire Emotional, Reflective
The Cop Arrives Ominous, Foreboding,
The Drive In Part 2 Dangerous Action
The Beach Sentimental, Sad
Camping Part Two  new! Playful, Conniving
Roadblock  new! Tense, Confrontational
Mike Goes Home Melancholy, Mysterious
McDinkle's Hunt Epic, Climatic Action
The Big Moment Emotional, Thematic
Rumble At The Reunion  new! An Upheaval of Action
For You
FOR YOU | imdb

Directed By: Mark T. Elliot

Produced By: Daniel Casey, Mark T. Elliott, Richard Ferrando, Matt Valade

Starring: Matt Valade, Natalie Victoria

Bathtub  new! Blithe, Salty
Tango For You  new! Wantonly Romantic, Dark

Untitled Modern, Thrilling,
Encounter Dark, Herrmannesq


Tense and provocative motifs, majestic themes, visceral heart-pounding excitement and deeply emotional landscapes of the mind, Devin's compositions chart a sonic course through all the varieties of human emotion. Growing up in a musical family in Detroit, Devin was exposed to Soul, Jazz and Classical music at an early age; it left a lasting impression. Devin picked up the guitar at 12 and began what would be his life-long journey, the study of music theory, jazz performance and musical composition. His rich orchestral score for DEADHEADS is a unique balance between modern classical influences and vintage Hollywood kitsch. "It's a zombie movie, so I drew inspiration from John Carpenter and Bernard Herrmann, but it also involves a lot of comedy, action and romance, so the influence of modern classical composition and soulful sensibilities shined on my path as well." Devin considers himself a student of classical composers like Ravel, Stravinsky and Debussy having studied their orchestral scores at length. "It's important to be able to draw from a wide spectrum of compositional technique, musical influence and personal experience to create something new when composing for a film like DEADHEADS. But in the end, it just needs to groove. That's the elusive x-factor that comes with collaborative experience, the love of your art and, I don't want to get spiritual, but perhaps elsewhere." Devin has several film credits for composition and continues to compose for film and collaborate on music projects.